64 Color Selection

We currently offer 64 solid colors to choose from when selecting a monkey fist product. Newest colors: Cotton Candy, Caribbean Blue, Baby Blue, Pretty Pink, Lime Green, Lemon Lime, several Camo Shades, Reflective and Glow in the Dark. We have even more new colors that will be added soon. For those of you who can't decide on one solid color for your monkey fist then you are in luck. We offer multi-color options for our regular size keychains, mini keychains, accessory bracelets and parachute handles. Our multi-colored monkey fists are made using two or three colors depending on which product you order. View our catalog for a list of products that are available in multi-colors.

Need help picking colors for your multi-color product? Try our Color Choice Viewer and Camo Color Coordinator to help find the perfect color combination.

Color Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately display the color of the paracord samples you are viewing. Differences in computer monitor resolutions, internet connections, graphics cards and the processor in your computer could cause colors to appear in shades or tones that are not accurate. Varition in dye lots can also cause colors to vary slightly from spool to spool. If precision in color selection is important, it is highly recommended that you request a sample prior to ordering.

Charcoal Grey
Silver Grey
Camo (White / Black)
Camo (Multi)
Camo (ACU Digital)
Camo (Desert)
Camo (Evergreen)
Camo (Woodland)
Baby Blue
Royal Blue
Colonial Blue
Neon Electric Blue
Camo (Blue)
Camo (White / Blue)
Navy Blue
Caribbean Blue
Imperial Red
Camo (Red / Black)
Camo (Red / White)
Camo (Neon Pink)
Camo (Pastel Pink)
Rose Pink
Pretty Pink
Neon Pink
Cotton Candy
Neon Orange
Camo (Orange / Black)
Camo (Orange / White)
Neon Turquoise
Coyote Brown
Chocolate Brown
Camo (Purple)
Camo (Yellow / Purple)
Foliage Green
Emerald Green
Dark Green
Neon Teal
Olive Drab
Neon Green
Lime Green
Kelly Green
Camo (Yellow / Black)
Neon Yellow
Lemon Lime
Black (Reflective)*
Red (Reflective)*
Orange (Reflective)*
Colonial Blue (Reflective)*
Black GID (Glow in the Dark)
Neon Pink GID (Glow in the Dark)

* The tracer in this cord illuminates at night when exposed to light but does not glow in the dark.