Frequently Asked Questions

Product Details
[+] What type of cord to you use to make your products?

[+] Why does it cost more to buy a product made with reflective paracord??

[+] What do you use for the core inside the monkey fist knot?

[+] What is the weight of your monkey fists?

[+] Do you only use parachute cord for making your products?

[+] How long are the monkey fist keychains?

[+] How long are the zipper pulls?

[+] Will the color of my product match the color shown in your pictures?

[+] Do you use a machine to make any of your products?

[+] How do I adjust my keychain to make it shorter?

[+] Do your keychains come with the metal keyring?

[+] How do I attach a monkey fist keychain to my existing keyring?

Ordering / Payments
[+] Can you custom make a product for me?

[+] Can we purchase products from your store?

[+] Can you handle bulk orders of 500 or more?

[+] Can I place an order over the phone?

[+] Do you have a print catalog that you can mail to me?

[+] What payment methods do you accept?

[+] Do you sell to customers outside of the United States?

Shipping / Returns
[+] What shipping method do you use?

[+] When will my order ship?

[+] After placing my order how long will it take for me to receive the items?

[+] I need my items in 3 days will selecting USPS Priority Mail (2 - 3 Days) guarantee I receive it in time?

[+] After my order ships how long will it take for me to receive it?

[+] Can I return the product I just ordered?