Monkey Fist History

The monkey fist knot originally began as a frequently used sailor term. Also called a sailor"s knot it was used to pass lines from a ship to shore or from one ship to another ship. The monkey"s fist was used at the end of a line to add weight. Generally a bolt, rock or other heavy object would be placed inside the knot to add weight before tightening the knot. After completing the monkey"s fist it was attached to the end of a light weight line or rope and thrown to its destination. This light rope with weighted knot on the end replaced the larger and heavier lines which often took more time to accurately pass to their destination.

Now the monkey"s fist has worked it"s way into everyday life by aiding people of all ages and professions. The monkey"s fist as a keychain makes is convenient to drop car keys or other objects into a pocket, purse, etc while leaving the knot dangling over the side for easy access. They work great as a zipper pull on bags or backpacks for easy grip. Monkey fist knots have also proved to be wonderful to use when making pull toys for dogs or catnip treat toys for cats.

One of the rapidly growing areas making use of the monkey fist is skydiving. The monkey fist"s construction is much firmer, consistent and durable than the traditional hacky handle used in parachuting. Monkey fist handles also give you that extra personalization allowing you to better match the handle color to the color of your pilot chute.

Wikipedia"s encyclopedia definition of a monkey"s fist.

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